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As well as having a tyre pump, what else will I want in the car?

With me taking the kids in the car most of the time, I seem to keep adding all sorts of things. It’s now getting fuller and fuller and everyone seems to have a different opinion about what should and shouldn’t be kept in the car.

From a safety perspective there are various things that should and could be in the car. Having kids in the car, depending on their height and age, could mean you should have car seats. Keeping them safe is a key priority. Having sunshades on their windows might be helpful to stop the sun getting in their eyes. As well as this, the best thing for me is keeping them entertained so I can fully focus on driving.

One of the things that the kids seem to be very happy about with is getting to use their devices on our journeys. Having now got a multiple USB adaptor in the car means we can charge them up. So, if we get caught up in traffic or are travelling a longer distance than we usually do, no matter how much time the journey takes they can keep using their things and it keeps them happy! Despite this, some parents seem to think that kids being on devices is unhelpful for various reasons, so we all make our decisions about what we think are the best things to have and do. The alternatives I have in the car are travel games, books to read and things to spot and tick off whilst travelling.

Not only do I think about what I need for the kids, I also need to think about what I need for the car itself! For example, having a spare tyre or something to fill the tyre if its punctured. Essential. I’ve also found that having a car pump stops me from needing to go a garage instantly or call the breakdown service. The one I’ve got shows my tyre pressure so I can spot any deflating tyres and sort myself out. Its also handy if I spot the tyres going down and there’s nowhere to pump up nearby. This one I feel happy to have.

I’ve got some anti-freeze liquid in the screen wash with some spare wiper liquid in the boot. There’s also a screen cover to put over the front screen when its freezing or there’s mega sunshine to stop the screen from freezing or try and keep the car cool inside. Again, another handy set of items to make me feel comfortable. I’ve also got the car manual in the glove box which helps me to find out more about specific features of the car, from small things like the needed tyre pressure to things such as what the different warning signs on the dashboard are showing me.

On top of having the things to look after the car, I’ve got all sorts from a sat nav to OS maps and even a first aid kit to use in any situation if its needed. So, I know there are now obviously some things I have in the car that stick in my mind that I find helpful and seem to use quiet a lot, but I’m sure there are even more, I just can’t remember.

Help With Finding A Cheap Family Car

If you are just about to have your first child you will know the pressures of the many things you have to prepare for their arrival. Among these is upgrading that sporty little car you have for something a bit more family orientated such as an estate or saloon car. This is the practical choice of car for the average family man, you can wave goodbye to those two seater convertibles and pimped out street cars. Welcome to a world of kids asking, “Are we there yet?” every thirty seconds a dog in the boot and your wife nonchalantly tutting as you miss your turn on the motorway. I’m only joking around, there are some great saloon cars which will keep you and your family happy.

A great place to start looking for a cheap family care is the internet. You can search for a used car onlineĀ from the comfort of your own home with your favourite beverage in one hand and your mouse in the other. A great family car to take a look at is the Ford Focus or Fiesta. They are a good solid build and have engines which often last close to two hundred thousand miles without requiring a rebuild. In any case, whatever car you pick, you need to make sure it is in good working order and safe to transport your little ones around in.

To make sure you are going to get the best deal you could consider part exchanging your old car. There are websites which do used car valuationsĀ so you can see how much your old car is worth. It’s vital you get a good selection of quotes to make sure you are not going to get ripped off my anyone. All this should be part of a good father’s thinking though, to provide the best for your family in the most practical way possible. Just remember not to tell your wife about the twin turbocharged engine your brilliant new family car is going to have though. Take it from me, she won’t be impressed.